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The most challenging part of having a small bathroom is that you would need to work in a small space. For instance, the bathroom walls are almost always full of immovable things and furniture like the door, wall cabinet, wall studs, windows for ventilation etc.

Thus when you plan to decorate and design the bathroom once again, you must keep an open mind since you might have to compromise on the designs. There are various bathroom accessories like the towel rings that can make your bathroom look beautiful no matter how small the bathroom is.

There are varieties accessories available in the market. The towel rings come in varieties of materials like metal, plastics etc. Of the metal variety, there are different types as well. Some of the most popular metal towel rings are made from nickel, chrome, stainless steel, brass etc. One of best and also most popular towel rings is the polished version of brass metal. The towel rings are a great space saving accessory for the bathroom that takes very less space while getting attached to the walls of the bathroom.

There are many places where you can hang the towel ring like the wall next to the shower stall, the bath tub, the bathroom basin etc. The design of the towel ring is very basic with a ring of 6 inches diameter that is polished with brass or other metal. The towel ring can either be oval or round in shape. It can be open or closed with a bracket attached to it that must be stuck on the wall to install the towel ring.

For sticking the towel ring on the wall of the bathroom, you need to follow a few guidelines. Always fix the towel rings in such a manner that the towels can be hung lengthwise. Thus always check on with the towels before fixing the towel ring. In case you have kids at home, take their heights into consideration before installing the towel ring so that it is also convenient for the kids to use the towels hanging on the towel ring.